Cello Repertoire Level 8

The Royal Conservatory
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Dive into the inaugural edition of the Cello Series, featuring a comprehensive collection of Repertoire, Recordings, Etudes, Technique, and Orchestral Excerpts designed for aspiring cellists. Spanning musical styles across all eras, this series meets the demand for quality educational materials in a single collection. Designed to support a well-rounded curriculum, the music books categorize repertoire into nine volumes spanning from the Preparatory Level through Level 8. This series fosters musical development, cultivates technical proficiency, and instills an appreciation for the rich and diverse music written for cello.

Cello Repertoire Level 8 features a diverse array of musical styles and eras, standard literature, new arrangements of familiar tunes, and music written for cellists, by cellists. These selections offer educators the flexibility to choose pedagogically appropriate material suited to each individual, and to motivate students to fully develop their musicianship and technique.

Each Repertoire book includes online access to audio recordings that offer students a model for performance practice and the convenience of accompanied rehearsal at home.

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Level Level 8
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Author The Royal Conservatory
Pages 92/44
Published year 2013
Publisher RCM Publishing
ISBN 978-1-55440-544-2


Preparatory Level: Etude in C Major - Schröder, Carl Stroll Along - Anonymous arr. Samuel Applebaum Etude in C Major - Romberg, Bernhard Heinrich Climbing the Scale - Hewitt-Jones, Anita Etude in C Major - Kummer, Friedrich August My Pony - Slovenian folk song arr. Francis Grant Level 1: The Willow Tree - Grant, Francis Etude in C Major - Hohmann, Christian-Heinrich Travelling Along - Hewitt-Jones, Anita The Train - Legg, Pat Up and Down Again - Dancla, Charles arr. Samuel Applebaum Etude in G Major - Dotzauer, Friedrich Etude in C Major - Romberg, Bernhard Heinrich Etude in G Major, op. 101, no. 9 - Lee, Sebastian Level 2: Etude in D Major - Kummer, Friedrich August Etude in B flat Major, op. 70, no. 16 - Lee, Sebastian Phrygian Frolic - Legg, Pat Martelé March - Hewitt-Jones, Anita Pachyderm Parade - Mooney, Rick Etude in G Minor - Romberg, Bernhard Heinrich Etude in C Major - Werner, Josef Level 3: Etude in A Major - Dotzauer, Friedrich Spiccato Race - Hewitt-Jones, Anita Etude in G Major, op. 30, no. 6 - Brückner, Oskar Etude in C Major - Borschitzky, Johann Francis Etude in B flat Major - Tabb, Richard Valentine Etude in G Major - Kummer, Friedrich August Etude in F Major - Matz, Rudolf Fire Stations - Legg, Pat Etude in F Major - Feuillard, Louis R. Level 4: Etude in G Minor, op. 70, no. 24 - Lee, Sebastian Etude in C Major - Tabb, Richard Valentine Etude in D Major - Matz, Rudolf Calypso - Legg, Pat I Was a Teenage Monster - Mooney, Rick Suo-Gân (A Welsh Lullaby) - Welsh folk song Arr. Rick Mooney Etude in D Minor - Werner, Joseph Etude in G Major, op. 31, no. 12 - Schröder, Carl Etude in C Major - Feuillard, Louis R. Spinner's Waltz - Hewitt-Jones, Anita

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