Online Theory Exam Bundle FAQ

I have some students who may be interested in purchasing these bundles but not sure if they will be ready to complete the exam by end of summer. Is there a deadline for completing the exam?

The RCM Online Theory Study Guide with Exam will be available for a full year from the date you redeem the code, not from the purchase date.

Is this bundle offered for other instruments and voice?

We are only offering these bundles for Online Theory Level 5 -8.

What does the bundle include?

  • The Celebrate Theory Book
  • One-year access to The RCM Online Theory Study Guide with Exam (in the form of a redemption code that’s good for up to one year from date of redemption)

Do we have to pay shipping for the books?

No, these bundles include free shipping on the books.

Can students/parents purchase these bundles?

Yes, you will need to forward the email you received with the bundle offer/link to your students/parents so that they can purchase directly.

Can I (Teacher/School Administrator) purchase these bundles on behalf of my students?

Yes, you may purchase these bundles on behalf of your students and get reimbursed by them directly.

If I am paying for these bundles, how can I give the books to my students?

When you purchase the bundles, you will need to put in your students’ address for shipping. This way, the students will receive the books directly to their homes.

How does it work If I am buying multiple bundles for several students?

Purchases will need to be made one student at a time. Your student will receive the materials at the address you entered at purchase.

If I am paying for these bundles, how will my student receive the information regarding the free Theory Study Guides?

Once you complete the payment, we will provide you a redemption code that can be shared with your students to have access.

Is there a deadline to purchase these bundles?

Yes, these bundles are exclusive offerings so will only be available for purchase from September 15th – October 31st, 2022, 11:59pm. The full year count won’t begin unless you activate your redemption code for the Online Theory Study Guide.

Is the Theory Exam Bundle Level 8 available for purchase?

The Celebrate Theory Level 8 Book is currently out of stock and will be available starting early October. You can go ahead and purchase the Theory Exam Bundle Level 8 anytime, however, the Celebrate Theory Level 8 book won’t get shipped out until the beginning of October, 2022.

When does the price increase happen?

As of November 1, 2022, the price for the RCM Online Theory Study Guide will be increasing from $175 to $195. This would apply for Level 5- 8.