Harmony, 2nd Edition: Intermediate

Mark Sarnecki
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Mark Sarnecki's comprehensive approach to music theory gives students of all levels the tools they need to become well-rounded musicians. Each book in these progressive series includes clear and concise lessons, using language appropriate for students at each stage of their development. Helpful diagrams and images accompany each lesson and combine with a variety of engaging learning activities to reinforce essential skills and knowledge. For late-intermediate to advanced level students, this three-volume series clearly presents elements of harmony, voice-leading, melody writing, and structural analysis and organizes concepts into three progressive levels. The Intermediate level addresses fundamentals of harmonization; harmonic sequences; leading-note and other diatonic 7th chords; tonicization and secondary dominants; modulation; dominant 9th, 11th, and 13th chords; the Bach Chorales; form and analysis; and melody writing.

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Author Mark Sarnecki
Pages 224
Published year 2010
Publisher RCM Publishing
ISBN 978-1-55440-271-7

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